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    It seems more and more everyone is heading towards lcd's around here. (me too hopefully soon) However I was just wondering if you guys would be interested in some 2x20 vfd displays. I have found a place here in town that sells them for a pretty good price and am wondering if any one here might want to get some.
    I have no idea what these things are really worth so what do you all think that I should pay. He is saying $40.00 a piece.
    Let me know and send me an email, if there's enough interest I'll see if I can get them cheaper as a group.

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    Oooo... Possibility...
    Please post specs.
    Manufacturer, website, parallel/serial...
    As much as you can.


    (This is a major shot in the dark, but any chance he has any 4x40 vfd's?)
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      Actually I haven't come across any 4x40 before, I wish I could. I'm awaiting the specs (should have tomarrow, am told it can be connected by both a serial and a parallel connection, I am assuming however that a serial connection requires more. It is hd44780 compatible for sure though.


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        MORE NEWS!!

        Got some great info about this lcd. (Quoted from the manual)

        "They offer a unique jumper-selectable interface for Intel and Motorola host processors requiring no external circuitry accommodation. All models feature five (5) standard selectable character sets (ASCII, European, Katakana, Cyrillic and Hebrew). These displays also emulate the Hitachi 44780-type standard alphanumeric LCD controller.

        Standard features include 8-bit parallel and EIA-232C serial data input at baud rates up to 19.2Kb, hardware and software resets, an extensive self-test routine and very low power 5Vdc operation. Standard operating temperature range is -20 to +70C (-40 to +85C extended temperature range and conformal coating are both available as standard options). "

        I also have the pinouts and it definatly should work parallel.
        1-d7 14-serial
        2-5v 15-d0
        3-d6 16-Reset
        4-5v 17-r/w
        5-d5 18-chipselect
        6-common 19-registerselect
        7-d4 20-enable

        I have checked around and this seems like a really good deal,I have seen vfd's for 3 times as much at matrix orbital but I'm not going to chase it down unless I know that there is some really good interest! So please email me at [email protected] and let me know if you would like some so I have an idea.