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FS/FT PANDORA ParTs and other stuff!!!!!!!

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  • FS/FT PANDORA ParTs and other stuff!!!!!!!

    Hi all,
    i was hoping 2 build a pandora but it has not happend, so i'm selling, or trading the mobile Pentium M and harddrive
    these R the specs...
    1.5/1M/400 85$
    40 gb travelstar 40$
    I also have 2 sticks of samsung 256mb 3200u 333 DDR 2 20$ ea 30$ 4 the pair
    and yup steal got ATI USB 2.0 TV 60$
    and yup steal got P4 2.8/512/533 and MSI PM8M-V mobo 120$
    and yup steal got other stuff in earlier post (minus 7'lilliyput SOLD)
    dell mini pci wireless card (DW 1370) 30$
    belkin laptop USB 2.0 cardbus adapter 15$
    2 sticks of laptop ram pc2100 256 ddr 266Mhz cl2.5 20$ ea. 30$ for the set
    UP 4 Cash or TRADE !!!!!!
    Underconstruction for 2007 !!!!

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    i believe its spelled "still"

    Anyway... is the hard drive 2.5"/notebook? Whats the speed? Who makes it?

    Take 30 shipped for it?


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      32 and not looking 4 a spell checker !!!

      And the drive is 40 bucks shipped! (steal) Hater !
      will post pics butchered a Dell D610 4 THE parts, so NOT SURE about HD specs will check when i get home.
      Underconstruction for 2007 !!!!