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FS: Carputer, touchscreen, and pioneer HU

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  • FS: Carputer, touchscreen, and pioneer HU

    OK heres the deal with this, i recently came back from iraq with the US army reserve, and went on a buying spree for my Z, originally i was gonna do a carputer setup, but recently i've been informed that i might be heading back out there, so i'm trying to get rid of this stuff instead of letting this stuff rott, all these parts are LESS than 1 month old, some are still BRAND NEW!

    1st item: the carputer, its BRAND new! i bought it last month, originally i was waiting for the GPS, and the '03 nav pocket (350z), then it would have been complete, but i might not have time to finish it as i am on call to head overseas again, all the carputer parts are pretty fresh, i haven't even used some of this stuff.

    Specs of the carputer i'm hoping for (600 obo with screen and carputer)

    VoomPC AMPie
    M1-ATX Car PSU
    M10000 Motherboard
    Lilliput screen
    - This is actually branded as "ExAudio" but i think its a lilliput, it comes with a lilliput remote and drivers and a lilliput AC/DC adapter, but the only difference is that its got the buttons on the side, originally i was gonna buy an '03 nav pocket for a 350z and mold it in, i was going to cut out the right edge of the 03 nav pocket so the buttons show, unlike the other lilliputs and xenarcs out there that NEED to have the buttons relocated. comes with everything:screen, ac/dc, car adapter, drivers etc.

    Everything else: Wireless G PCMCIA card ($30), 512mb 333mhz ram ($50), 40gb HD ($60), 3.5-2.5 adapter for hd ($20), slim dvd drive (tray), slim USB keyboard (20) (i bought this when i was in iraq, so theres arabic letters as well as english), theres a USB mouse, Monster Cable RCA to Mini-Jack, USB sound card (i bought this just incase you wanted to use headphones), Theres a Radio Shack button for remote start.

    i think 600 obo plus shiping is decent for everything!! thats the whole carputer, plus TS, and all the extras (wifi card, monster cables, radio shack button. mouse, keyboard etc.)

    item #2: DEH-P5800mp 170 obo: 2 or 3 weeks old!!!!! A friend of mine just bought an N3, so he gave me his AVH-p5700dvd dvd player, so this is coming out! this was originally for the carputer so i'll also INCLUDE the IP bus (aka auxillary input jack), AND its already got a nissan harness, so you can save urself the time if you got a nissan harness, on ebay this HU is 145 + 30 shipping + i've included the Harness AND the auxillary input adapter!!

    or buy all of it!!!! 750 for the carputer, TS and head unit!!!

    I'm WTT for a set of premium 19's plus cash on my part.

    feel free to contact me on aim @ HamSupL0 (zero at the end) or email: [email protected]

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    this is as far as i got with my progress i isntalled windows,transferred some songs and had a fresh format thats it, if you're in NY you can have the desktop power supply also

    kb, mouse and remote


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      pioneer deh-p5800mp

      this is a 2006 model so you know its new. i

      plays mp3's and stuff too, ignore my funky dash.... i'm still missing the install kit


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        oh yess this stuff is in brooklyn, NY


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          ok i'm willing to sell seperate, the TS i'm not sure, PM me or IM me

          280 for motherboard, case and power supply (i rather sell all these together)

          i know i don't have many posts, but i am legit, i really need to get rid of this stuff PM me for what you need i'm willing to part out as well... thanks

          if you want to see these things in person, get in contact with me and i'm willing to schedule a pickup