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FS: AU,LG LCD Panels w/controllers, touch screens, and/or LVDS cables for ITX, others

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  • FS: AU,LG LCD Panels w/controllers, touch screens, and/or LVDS cables for ITX, others

    I have some 8.4", 10.4" and 12.1" AU and LG lcd panels available.

    All can be used either with an LVDS cable for the VIA or Commell ITX boards w/lvds option, or with an lcd controller.

    I can supply the LVDS cable up to 15 ft. long.
    I aded a picture of one of my test cables showing all the connectors, including the USB touch portion. The picture shows a USB header connector for direct motherboard connection. THis keeps the entire cable on board, making installs neater and easier.

    The lcd controllers have both RCA and Video inputs.

    The 10.4" panels already have anti glare touch screens attached.

    The 8.4" and 12.1" panels can have touch added.

    I have 11 of the 10.4" panels, 1 of the 8.4" and 1 of the 12.1" panels.

    All panels are 800x600 natiave resolution.

    The 10.4" and 12.1" panels are 400 nits bright, the 8.4" is also 400, but can be upgraded to 800 nits.

    8.4" panel has a response time of 10ms, and a CR of 500:1
    10.4" panels have a response time of 10ms, and a CR of 350:1
    12.1" panel has a RS of 20ms, a CR of 150:1 and is hard coated.

    I have lowered the price on the 12.1" panel. I am not satisfied with the colors. This panel is not the best I have had.
    All pictures are shown using the LVDS cable I build on an Epia MS board.
    I think the 12.1" panel may look better with the controler instead of the lvds route.

    Prices as follows:

    8.4" 400 nit w/lvds cable 249.99, w/lcd controller 299.99
    8.4" 800 nit w/lvds cable 299.99, w/lcd controller 349.99
    add touch (Fujitsu usb anti glare 4 wire resisitve) for 109.99

    10.4" panel, with Fujitsu 4 wire anti glare usb touch, and lvds cable 239.99, w/lcd controller 299.99

    12.1" panel, lvds cable 139.99, w/lcd controller 189.99 <------LOWERED PRICES
    add usb 5 wire touch (ELO), 119.99
    add usb 4 wire touch (Fujitsu), 129.99

    Shipping is a flat 6.99 Priority Mail, regardless of order size. (US only) Insurance is optional, and will be quoted based on order cost.

    The shipping discount only applies to established mp3car members. Established means a post count of 50+ and/or having been a member for 90 days or longer.

    Panel model #s
    8.4" AU G084SN05
    10.4" AU (Unipac) G104SN05 or equivalant
    12.1" LG LC 121S1 (A1MT)

    All panels have upgraded ccfl's and inverters to 400 nits, with 800 being the option only on the 8.4"

    I have ordered the lcd controllers and they will be shipped to me Friday, so I can't ship until next Wednesday.
    The touch screens and controllers are also ordered, and will be in before the lcd controllers. The lvds cables are assembled per order and require 2-3 days lead time.

    I can include the usb touch into the lvds cable, so you only have 1 cable to run everything if you choose the lvds option.

    Al of these panels w/options will be posted on ebay soon.

    If you are interested, send me a PM with your Paypal email address and I will forward a Paypal Invoice for you to pay.

    Don't go posting "dibs" I won't honor that. If you want it, pay for it.

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    Pictures and specs added. These pictures don't really show the high quality of the AU panels. In fact, my pictures are poor to say the least.
    Now the LG panel is that poor. I lowered the price accordingly.


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      The 8.4" and 10.4' panels have beeen listed on ebay, with the lcd controllers.
      Price on the 8.4" kit has been lowered.
      Established mp3car members will receive a flat 12.00 Insured Priority Mail rate for shipping in the US on these auctions.

      8.4" auction

      10.4" auction


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        Excellent! Hopefully all the 10.4's won't be sold here in the next few weeks!


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          Originally posted by schreibers
          Excellent! Hopefully all the 10.4's won't be sold here in the next few weeks!
          Hopefully they will