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Complete car MP3 system for sale - UK

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  • Complete car MP3 system for sale - UK

    Due to unforseen circumstances (ie, need to repair the roof, guttering and chimney before the house falls down), I'm probably going to have to sell some of my mp3 gear.

    The list:
    NEW Asus CUPLE Micro ATX onboard vga\sound motherboard
    Celeron 366
    Low-profile golden orb
    64mb PC133
    4g IBM laptop hard drive with 3.5" ide adaptor
    Sproggy 2.5 PSU

    All in an aluminium 12x10x2" case. This case is fine, but has an extra blowhole and some extra screw holes in the bottom, due to fitting various psus and drives and motherboards. Easy and cheap to make a new case, if you wanted - this one came from Maplins.

    Seetron 2x16 LCD with 4 push-buttons - wired to a lead ending in a PS2 plug, that connects to the above. Inside the box, it connects straight to the psu and com2.

    Modified AT PSU - gives out 13v, great for using the player indoors - UK 240v input. The case is a bit tatty on this, but it works fine.

    BRAND NEW USB Ethernet adaptor - the above motherboard doesn't have onboard network - to keep the size down, i've gone for external.

    All the above to be sold as one. It is currently in the car, working well.

    Also, i've got a COMPLETE kit for another Sproggy PSU. Will be a 2.5 on a 2.6 PCB - add three extra components (cost about 2ukp for them) to upgrade it to 2.6 specs. This INCLUDES all the Maxim, National and Coilcraft parts - the T6 is a modified Renco - and ATX connector. If I get some time, I will build this, so it may be a complete, tested, working supply.

    Let me know if you're interested, and we can discuss a price. UK only please...
    bum. broke it.

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    I might be interested in your sproggy 2.6 kit.
    Don`t worry if it`s not soldered up yet, as i can do that myself.
    What extra parts would be needed to make it 2.6 spec?
    I`m also in the uk (cambridge/bristol), so how much would you want for it?
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      damn... Not for sale any more...

      just got some builder quotes - it's gonna cost _waay_ more than I hoped to fix the mess.

      Selling the mp3 stuff would make no difference now - unless I get a very good offer...

      Maybe i'll rewrite my software after all....
      bum. broke it.