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one more ebay link, lcd w/controller

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  • one more ebay link, lcd w/controller

    Here's is a great screen for sale on ebay.
    I got this information from the manufacture as I was looking to buy it before getting mine.
    "Basically the 640VG series used a Sharp 6.4" TFT LCD, 640 x 480 (VGA) resolution
    with about 300 nits of brightness
    Some models also had input connectors for NTSC & S-Video through and RCA & Y/C
    Jack. Power input was +12 & 5 Volts" The 25 pin vga plus is really easy to interface to a standard 15 pin plug, if anyone on the board wins let me know and I can send you the info.
    I have had contact with the seller and he seems really eager to help and very nice, he would have no problem shipping to Canada and it would be easy through customs considering the screen was made in Canada.
    On a side note a specific section just for ebay links would be great. I come across lot's of good things (as I'm sure everyone does) to post but I don't want to fill up the board with new messages.

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    wow was that a good deal or what
    95 VR-4