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FS/FT: 7" Lilliput TSV

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  • FS/FT: 7" Lilliput TSV

    wats up guys well ive got this lilliput from a friend of mine whos been gettin the white screen of death lol i havnt tested it cuz he got a nice white screen is what he told me so its pointless for me to test

    im going to sell it for parts or if someone wants to take it all at once

    main board (big one) 50 shipped

    touch screen controler 25 shipped

    touchscreen panel (no right side problem normal use marks) 30 shipped

    lcd display with the little board on the back + back lights and what not - 30 shipped

    or take it all for 125 shipped

    all clips are intact none are loose or broken

    ill post pics tommrow

    open to trades too lookin for a usb gps reciever in particular but will consider other things too let me know what u got

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    Bump for a good seller/trader...
    Post # 3000


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      Originally posted by Rafster
      Bump for a good seller/trader...
      Rafster what are you selling?
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        Originally posted by lostreception
        Rafster what are you selling?
        Post # 3000


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          no1 wants lilli parts??


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            ill give u 20 shipped for the ts panel lemme see a pic
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