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FS: Mini-ITX w. Case/512MB RAM/120GB HD (US)

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  • FS: Mini-ITX w. Case/512MB RAM/120GB HD (US)

    In one of my various recent computer experiments, I've obtained and built a Mini-ITX computer from scratch. This is an absurdly small tower built with almost total silence and obscenely low power consumption in mind. The specs are listed below.

    Mini-ITX Computer
    - VIA EPIA M10000 Low Power Motherboard
    - 1 GHz VIA C3 'Nemehia' Processor
    - 512MB DIMM RAM
    - Embedded Castlerock Video Card
    - 1 PCI Slot
    - 120GB (!!) IDE HD w. Appropriate Cable
    - 1 GeForce 2 ( Currently filling PCI slot for Linux experiments )
    - 1 Slimline CD-ROM Drive ( Not attached to computer. NO CABLE. )
    - 4 USB 2.0 Ports
    - 1 FireWire Port
    - 2 PS/2 Ports
    - 1 RGA Video In (?)
    - Standard Audio/Ethernet/Etc. Ports
    - Casetronic / Morex Cubid 2699 Mini-ITX Case

    - As stated above, there is no connection cable for the Slimline CD-ROM drive.
    - The Power LEDs do not work or are not hooked up correctly. - This affects nothing.
    - You will have to provide your own OS, although I can provide Ubuntu Linux 6.06 Dapper Drake if you ask.

    Asking Price:
    - $350 Shipped w. 120GB HD
    - $300 Shipped w/o HD

    This item is being sold from York, PA. Prices are negotiable.

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    if you wanted to part out the HDD i'll take it


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      Can you post some larger pictures?