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FS: USA: (3) 2.5mm HD 6GB

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  • FS: USA: (3) 2.5mm HD 6GB

    I have 3 Toshiba model HDDs for sale, Model HDD2155. I may be able to get a few more of these if there is an interest. I am asking 25$ Each Shipped. The specs are as follows.

    Basic Specifications & Features

    Part Number: HDD2155
    Formatted Capacity: 6,007 Mbyte
    Form Factor: 2.5 Inch
    Interface Type: ATAPI/IDE
    Interface Standards supported:

    Head/Actuator Technology: "Ramp-Load" Technology GMR Head

    Physical Parameters

    Number of Cylinders: 24,800
    Number of Heads: 1
    Number of Platters: 1
    Bytes/Sector: 512
    Shock Detection: Shock sensor circuit
    SMART: The SMART command set is supported.

    Performance Specifications
    Average Seek Time: 13 ms
    Maximum Seek Time: 24 ms
    Track-To-Track Seek Time: 3 ms
    Internal Transfer Rate: From 133.0 to 253.5 Mbit/s

    Host Transfer Rate
    PIO Mode: PIO Mode 4 (16.6 Mbyte/s)
    UDMA Mode: UDMA Mode 4/66 (66.6 MByte/s)
    Rotational Speed: 4,200 rpm
    Buffer Size: 256 Kbyte
    Cache: Read-Ahead Cache Write Cache

    Start Time (Spin-Up Time)
    Typical 4 sec.
    Maximum 20 sec.
    Recovery Time (from Stand-By)
    Typical 4 sec.
    Maximum 20 sec.

    Reliability Specifications
    Error Rate
    Seek Error Rate 1 error per 10^6 seeks
    Non-Recoverable Error Rate 1 error per 10^13 seeks
    MTBF 300,000 Hours
    Power On Hours 2,800 Hours
    Product Life 5 years or 20,000 POH (whatever comes earlier).
    Preventive Maintenance No preventive maintenance is required.

    Mechanical Specifications
    External Dimensions
    Width 69.85 mm
    Height 9.5 mm
    Depth 100 mm
    Weight 0.092 kg
    Drive Orientation The drive can be installed in all axes (6 directions).
    My For Sale Thread

    [**||||||||||||||||||] 25$ of 500$ Raised.
    475$ to go!

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    Price Lowered to 30 Shipped.
    My For Sale Thread

    [**||||||||||||||||||] 25$ of 500$ Raised.
    475$ to go!


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      I think in the title, you mean 2.5in HDDs.
      2.5mm drives would be tiny.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Originally posted by Shadowfangs
        Formatted Capacity: 6,007 Mbyte
        speaking of tiny. i think you mean 6Gbyte


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          6Gbyte = 6007Mbyte
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            you're right. i'm


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              Bump, Price drop. Im in need of some paypal fundage :-p
              My For Sale Thread

              [**||||||||||||||||||] 25$ of 500$ Raised.
              475$ to go!