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  • Need stuff, anyone?

    I'm very close to purchasing Aopen Pandora MiniPC MP915-B, but before I do that I was wondering if anyone wants to sell theirs, or something similar in size and specs. I'm looking to spend up to $400 on a small reliable pc.

    I'm also looking for usb GRIFFIN POWERMATE, CARNETIX p1900, 5.1 external sound card for the pc and maybe a 2.5" HD(60+gb). I might need a cd player with SPDIF input, so I don't have to loose my boss speakers and get an amp for them. So if you have any of these for sale let me know.

    I have two 20gb 2.5" laptop HDs and Belkin wireless desktop pci network adapter with the adapter itself(included)
    in good condition if you wanna trade or buy. Make an offer.

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    i have a 40 GB 2.5 HDD. $60 shipped. LMK


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      sorry but need 60+gb, ebay has some deals, but I'll see if anyone can beat it


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        I have a silver Powermate and a USB Soundblaster (not sure of the model, I don't think it's high end but has optical output). Got anything to trade?