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Volkswagen MKIV bezel with Xenarc 700TSV prefabricated

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  • Volkswagen MKIV bezel with Xenarc 700TSV prefabricated

    Ebay link:

    This is the first bezel I made to install a computer in my car. I made another one so I no longer need this one. I made it myself so it’s not exactly prefect (few imperfections in the bondo) and it has a ding on the front it near the right side of the A/C controls (shown in picture) of where something bumped into it in storage. The monitor is a Xenarc 700TSV with touchscreen. The monitor was in working condition when I pulled it from my car about a year ago. If someone gave it another layer or two of paint they should be able to cover up the imperfections.

    It fit my 2004 Volkwaggon Jetta. I think it will fit other Jetta’s 1999.5-2005.5 and possibly the Golf’s too.

    I’ll include cables (power and VGA, USB, and two video inputs) with the monitor.

    Let me know of any questions. I'm selling this personally, this has nothing to do with the mp3car store.

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    Zip-Lock - do you have pictures of the fab process? How about of the new dash? I have a 2003 Jetta and am about to start my project.