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Fs: High Output Infiniti/nissan Alt 03+

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  • Fs: High Output Infiniti/nissan Alt 03+

    up for sale is this high output alternator i had built for a 2004 Infiniti G35. Its Brand new.

    The reason why i have not decided to use it was im going the FI route now, and i replaced all the pulleys with Unorthodox Pulleys.

    Details on the alternator:
    -Built by High Outpul Alternators
    -3 year transferrable warranty included
    -200 Amps

    I have all receipts, i paid over 750 bucks for the alternator a few weeks back. After i got it, i paid another 300 bucks or so to get a custom machined pulley for it that gives the max voltage at idle. This is when u need it in any audio or accessory install.

    This alternator has multiple applications, i will try to find out what they are later. I think it fits all 03 and up SUV"s, but i will find out to be sure.

    Pictures available on request


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    1) A new alternator isn't necessary for most car audio installs.
    2) The forum rules state you have to post an offering price.
    3) You joined these forums today to post this ad and not contribute anything else to this community & hobby. As a result, your trust level is non-existent.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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      1. never said it was neccessary, but it certianly helps A LOT when u are running multiple accessories and have a nice audio system

      2. best offer

      3. have pictures that will state my username and date if u would like to see them


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        Originally posted by surftb15
        2. best offer
        You have to post a price, Best offer doesn't work here...

        It's in the rules:

        You can do Price/or best offer, but you have to set a starting price...


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