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FS: Intel Pentium m mini itx mobo

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  • FS: Intel Pentium m mini itx mobo

    Up for sale here is a mini itx mobo made by intel. Its a bit of a rare board here in the states, though its more common in the Asian communities. Its got an embeded shelton core cpu (Pentium Banias) that runs at 1000 mhz and is easily more powerful/faster than the VIA offerings. Great board for a carputer or a low powered server. Completely Fanless! Has onboard video and sound, along with the usual networking and usb ports. Drivers can be DL from as this is bare board only, maybe a generic IO shield too if I find it. SOLD and shipped

    Intel D845GVSH Motherboard
    i845GV + ICH4
    Mini-ITX Form Factor
    1x DDR DIMM
    1x Parallel ATA
    1x Floppy
    Integrated Video, Sound, and Network

    Most of the info on this board is in Chinese or Korean, but we're all big boys here so you can for yourselves.

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    i want to start building a carputer, what parts are missing from this other than external pieces that i would need to buy? You can send me an email or IM me at Thanks


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        i'll BUMP ya...


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            IS it possible to get a link to a page withthe specs?? The link you have doesn't say anything about the board. Or could i just get a model number off of it so I can do some research?


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              Originally posted by oingu324
              The link you have doesn't say anything about the board.
              Thats because its the link for drivers. I updated the first post

              Here's a link I found


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                Achiever, i never got your PM you were talking about... LMK


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                  This link here s a better link for the motherboard, although it shws no new information ther than inaction pics and and a more complete diagnostics report with a celeron processor.


                  I feel this should have been sold too.
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                    bump for an awesome board...this board is a much better solution as compared to any VIA board - it is faster and completely fanless! I'd take an Intel branded board over a VIA any day as well...


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                      I am very intersted in this board. Would you be willing to go $150 shipped? Also, what payment methods do you accept?
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