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Nvidia PCX 5300 128mb PIC-E

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  • Nvidia PCX 5300 128mb PIC-E

    Hey guys I'm posting this for a friend. Here are the specs...

    NVIDIAŽ Geforce PCX 5300
    256 bit graphics accelerator

    Memory Configuration
    128MB DDR

    Graphics Core: 256-bit
    Fill Rate (Texels/Sec.): 1 billion
    Vertices/sec.: 63 Million
    Pixels Per Clock (peak): 4
    Textures per pixel (max per pass) 16
    Effective Memory Clock: 400MHz
    RAMDACs: Dual 350MHz

    Operating systems support
    Microsot Windows 95
    Microsot Windows 98
    Microsoft Windows 2000
    Microsoft Windows ME
    Microsoft Windows NT 4
    Microsoft Windows XP

    Monitor support
    D-shell (15-pin) VGA connector

    Display support
    Register compatible with VGA
    DVI-Out for sharp LCD monitor output
    Video out Module enabling big-screen gaming, digital timeshifting VCR, and video-editing applications

    You can download the drivers Here

    No tradws as he is raising money for an Ibook.

    Asking $100. Pm me if you want it and I will give you the paypal address.

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    Considering you can get this card new for $50 (, I suggest you change the price, and I'd sure hope he isn't going to get a iBook and you simply meant MacBook. It's nice that you're selling this for him, but tell him to be reasonable.


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      Im the one selling the video card. The cheapest i've found it is $84. Right now im just trying to get rid of it. I bought a new motherboard and new video card and it makes this one un-needed. So my starting price is $75. I am buying an iBook because its only $500 and its got $300 in software that comes with it + Applecare until 2009. Its a good deal. Maybe i should sell it and get one of those Oh and btw. that isn't what my card looks like. Mines Red.

      If you're interested, PM me.

      Note: Im like 16 and don't have Paypal, so Western Union/Money Order/Cashiers Check. Sorry for the inconvienience. Also, i'll post if i sell it locally.


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        It's the same might be a different brand, but it's the same core. I'm not sure that you understand, people will be able to tell for themselves that the card is identical, just compare the specs posted here and on the link I found. Anything more than $45 and it won't sell, just some helpful advice. If I were you I'd just sell it to some kid around where you live that doesn't know anything about computers.


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          My friend posted it on this website, because he said that things sold fast on this site. I knew that you all know alot about computers, i just wanted to see how desperate you were. I'm keeping my price on here, unless you want to PM me and you tell me why I should go cheaper. It really is a good card. I think that $70-75 is a good deal. Considering you are not buying it from some two-star store to get it cheap.

          It runs Doom 3 800x600 2x AA Medium Detail. 25-30 FPS.....i tested it.
          It runs Half-Life 2 1024x768 No AA, High Detail Solid 30 FPS...i tested it.

          Just to let you all know.


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            I think Shamingo pointed out the best reason to lower your asking price. It's the only reason, really.
            But hey, I work for retailers and know full well that people will pay far more than **** is worth. On this site, people won't because we point out if it's not worth asking price.

            You might be able to rip someone off somewhere else, but probably not here.

            Good luck.
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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              I'm not as nice as DP sometimes so I'm closing this thread. On what grounds? Bad thread title, you didn't follow the rules. Now I wouldn't usually close a thread for breaking that rule without a warning but...... You are trying to rip people off.
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