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FS: In-Dash 7" Touchscreen

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  • FS: In-Dash 7" Touchscreen

    i bought it new, installed it (been in my car unused for about a month) and had trouble getting the drivers to work. im going to sell all my carputer stuff, school is expensive.


    i can provide actual pictures upon request.

    im asking $350 shipped, these sell for $450 retail.

    continental US only please

    Ill take offers, and ill trade but only for decent pc stuff

    EDIT: more pics

    the bezel that goes on the face was modified on the bottom, you can see it in the next pic. it still goes on fine and you cannot tell it is modified when installed.

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    cmon guys make me an offer


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      damn i had the same in dash and headunit when i first started, except my in dash was on top and the kenwood was on bottom, bump 4 a GREAT In dash, and a great headunit!


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        Only trying to make you aware of some facts, because I have been looking at these same screens on ebay. There is a seller in Hong Kong, yuki668 on ebay, that currently sells these for $350 shipped new through Buy It Now. If you work a little and bid in his auctions, you can get the screen for around $300 shipped and that's from Hong Kong.

        Knowing all that and the fact that your screen is used and you are selling it AS IS, I could offer you $275 shipped. I understand it you are looking for more, but if your are interested, please email me at or you can PM me. Thanks.


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          buying from hong kong is a rip if you have to service your lcd. They charge $50+ for an exchange. Had a lot of issues with that ebay seller (Yuki668). Check out his feedback! Needless to say I will never buy from him again.

          I would definitely rather buy from someone who has purchased one of these and knows it works rather than getting ripped by someone who could care less and charge ya double if you get a non working unit.
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            i was accually gonna offer 200 for it and i'll pay shipping. i dont think your gonna get more than that for it.
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