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Amazing cap pc project– Complete High-end carputer PC (NEW-sort off)

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  • Amazing cap pc project– Complete High-end carputer PC (NEW-sort off)

    Amazing cap pc project– Complete High-end carputer PC (NEW-sort off)

    Simply put, I started this project and after not being able to finish it for a year I am giving up. I have a new-born , am building an addition on my own, and am self-employed. It isn’t going to happen. I spent over $2,000 on this system!. I had it working in an initial state but not all the wires run (pc was mounted safely in console) and couldn’t get the auto on to work consistently, that board from CARPC ($70 board) may be bad – I’m not sure. I never got around to calling the company to get a new one or debug it. ALL of this is completely high end - I’m a neurotic fanatic and a tech. It’s a little scratched from not being fully installed. The LCD has a minor, minor, scratch too on the screen. You have to look for it. Don’t even think of buying this unless you’re a fanatic and very – very capable. Due to the natures of this equipment and that it all needs to be custom installed it is all being sold as-is other than the fact that I guarantee the PC works on delivery. People that build these things do it as a hobby and art form or are just crazed. I wish I completed it but don’t have the hours it would have taken to run the rest of the wiring, build the console out custom, and debug the system auto power on. You can see my feedback too.

    • Mocha car PC P4 2.26 PC DVDRW, 40 gig, 512
    • Special industrial power supply – 19volts DC consistent (hard to find)
    • XENARC 700TS touch screen LCD
    • RF Wireless keyboard w trackball
    • USB GPS
    • 802.11g wifi
    • Kensington USB switch with 12 car power supply
    • CARPC EX PC board for auto power on (wires already soldered to motherboard)
    • Lots of wiring, switches, relay’s – 100% of what was in the car – nothing skimped or taken) – includes high-shielded 12’ video cable

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    must post with a price... and local
    PPC-6700 WM 5.0, ProClip, GPS, 1 Diamond TDX 12in woofer, with 1100 watt Memphis Amp...

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