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  • Everything you need...Complete system...

    EPIA MII10000 1Ghz CarPC w/Morex 3677 case & 60w Pwr Supply
    60 GB 2.5" HDD, 512MB ram
    System has Win XP Home and FrodoPlayer installed and running
    DVD Rom drive
    802.11g wireless PC card
    gyration wireless keyboard and mouse (mouse can be used in mid air)
    TripNav TN200 GPS Mouse (waterproof) w/iGuidance software incl.
    Loaded with WinXP Home and FrodoPlayer Carpc software. Tons of mp3's as well

    T-View T700-TS 7" VGA Touchscreen monitor
    Carnetix P1260 voltage regulator & startup/shutdown controller

    Make offer--$700 (buy it now, haha)

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    Follow the rules d00d, gotta post some kind of a price.

    I'll give ya $275 for it all, or $30 for your cute wireless keyboard and mouse.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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      100 for the screen.
      Nogaro 2000 Audi S4 (Stage 3)
      Black 2000 Audi S4 (Stage 1)


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        Originally posted by Sid3ways S13
        100 for the screen.
        As you can see, the screen it cut fits double DIN openings perfect. I cut the shroud around the screen and extended all the wires. Not only did I extend the wires, I also had to relocate all the little boards in the damn thing. I am now able to hit the power button that was hidden in the ash was a thing of beauty when it was all done. All the pain and suffering of trying to get it fit into a double DIN was rediculous.


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          how much for gps pucK?


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            How about 650 shipped?