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WTD: Rear axle seal......

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  • WTD: Rear axle seal......

    Ok maybe one of you all in that sunnier country may be able to help me.

    Trying to find a rear axel seal for a 'mazda bongo' which is believed to be the same as a seal on a ford ranger / mazda b2500.

    UK suppliers are incompetant, or expensive (IE $90)

    If any of you own such and tell me how big it is (dimensions) then no doubt I can take a trip down to local bearing suppliers and they will have a skf seal in that size.

    I would pull it out throw it at them and say 'one of those please', but look a nob if they then said $5 sir be with you in a week.........

    Or if you can get one/have one etc, I'm willing to pay costs+shipping.
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966

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    what year is your truck? 2 or 4 wheel drive? do you need the axle bearing, or just the seal?


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      Well we have now found a jap spares place on web, but its still about $40, beginning to wonder if this seal is special other than stopping your diff oil getting into your wheel hub! (as its currently doing)

      Like I said we were told that a ford ranger seal should do the trick, and if its only a few $ its worth a try etc.

      Spec is 2.5ltr turbo diesel on an auto box driving rear wheels (2wd)
      Lez, more widely known as flez1966


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        that's fine, but I still need a model year to get you the right seal. the ranger/b-series pickups (and bronco II) used the same rear axle from 1983 to 1990. after that year range, there are variances based on year.


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          Sorry have no other info, so it looks like biting the bullet and paying the extra.
          Lez, more widely known as flez1966