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    I have enjoyed this forum for the last couple years. I have just too many projects going on to continue to tinker with this system. What I am doing is seeing if I can sell my complete system as one or in pieces. I don't want to be stuck with any of it so I would need to have interest in most if not all of it before the deal would go through. Here is what I have

    Commel LV 675 mini itx with a pentium M dothan M730 never hooked up - $230

    via nehemiah mini-itx board 1 ghz c3 with 512 mb ram....$125.00

    7" manual flip out screen with vga and Usb. This unit still goes in and out and the screen works great but there are some scratches on the front housing (could be repainted?) and the top of the flap of the housing broke (could get one from digitalww where I bought it from maybe?) Paid $500 couple years ago but housing is in fair condition so $125.00

    Opus 150 watt power supply ......$95.00 Also I have the updated relay on the opus power cable that will shut off the power to the motherboard when the system is off. This was another persons idea which I built and I must say is great. No more dead battery after days of non op....

    120 gb 7200 rpm 3.5 inch drive with cooler ...... $35.00

    ATI remote...........$30.00

    Gyration compact wireless keyboad with mouse..........$50.00

    linksys usb b wireless access point.............$15.00

    Kenwood d mask cd mp3 am/fm head unit. This closes and opens with the ignition and with the screen folded in you can only see black. also has aux in which you can hook up the computer to..........$125.00

    obd serial reader from OBD from for toyota .....$60.00

    Garmin e map with pc serial connection and external antenna $75.00

    ATI 7000 graphics pci card.....$20.00 can exclude $20.00 from system price if you don't want this....

    Slim line dvd/cdr usb player.......$60.00

    Bluetooth dongle d-link works with phone control....$20.00

    **********Complete kit with via board $795.00*****************
    **********Complete kit with commell lv 675 board $895.00*********

    Who ever buys the complete kit I will sell with all the wiring and fuses and whatever else I have.

    All prices plus shipping. Will accept casher's checks or paypal (since I am going as low as I can and what I think is fair, if paying by paypal there will the added BS cost that they take out which I think is 3%, sorry...)
    I will post pics as soon as I can
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    How much are you asking for the entire system?
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      **********Complete kit with via board $795.00*****************
      **********Complete kit with commell lv 675 board $895.00*********


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        It's not a touch screen, is it?
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          Yes the screen is a touchscreen with vga input. Screen also has 2 additional video inputs.


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            I'd be in for the screen.


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              best price on the opus shipped to 23605


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                The monitor is touch screen with VGA inputs

                The head unit is a KDC-X859
                Here are the specs