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Anyone want an MK 2.5?

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  • Anyone want an MK 2.5?

    Anyone looking for an MK 2.5?

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    Added pictures of my actual unit.


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      what r specs does it have the 3.3 line so it has only 5a on 5 v line?


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        Yes its the ATX version so it has the 3.3V line


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          See, I haven't finished my setup yet (Dear lord, I've been here since February of '00...that's scary)..

          I was gonna use an inverter, but I figure in the long run it'd be easier and better to use a dedicated DC-DC power supply and buy an inverter for those "just in case" times...vcr, video games, mini-fridges (heh yeah right), etc.

          Here's the cliche question....had any problems with it? (I took a look at your page...for like the 250th time or so..heh) and I know you wanted to move on to use a switching regulator for 12v and that some computers required a delayed power good signal...but I guess my question is, in normal operation, would there be anything that would stop it from acting normally? (Hope that made sense...I've been going over sharp lcd specifications for a few hours).
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            It performs as it is supposed to given by the specifications on It does not supply enough current to the +12V line to spin up my 7200 rpm drive in addition to my celeron 466 system though. Others have said this can be fixed by adding another 12v regulator in parallel. I probably would have tried this but I had already ordered my keypower supply by that time.


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              OK...doesn't seem to be receiving too many bids so I dropped the minimum bid down to $50.00. Hope that will encourage some of you who are a lil' bit more timid


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                ok well it doesnt have enough of a 12v output for me but ill either hack it or add something to it so it does I guess... so I put in a bid...

                I wish u had buy it now so I coudl just get it LoL


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                  Just reminding everyone there is less than 1 day left on this!!! You won't find a better deal!