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  • Gadget Frenzy, let's trade!

    I have stuff I don't use much that I'd like to trade for stuff I'd use more, need some new toys to play with. I'm interested in reasonable spec PC's, LCD monitors, portable video players, most gadgets and gizmos.

    Also interested in:
    * MAME hardware, a controller setup, ready built unit, whatever.
    * Some form of MP3 JukeBox that will allow track selection and playback like a regular jukebox, ideally through a touch screen.
    * Electronic picture frames
    * Noise cancelling headphones (Bose)
    * Valentine1 Radar Detector Remote Display

    Stuff I have to trade...

    Silver Razr - brand new, locked to Cingular but I can get it unlocked for $15

    Silver Razr - locked to Cingular Blue (AT&T) but I can get it unlocked for $15, this one is used, will have an odd scratch or two but nothing major.

    PlayStation2 - with hard drive installed, ready to backup and play you rlegally owned games.

    8" Touch Screen - 4:3 aspect ration, USB touch screen, unbranded, works great, as new condition.

    IBM ThinkPad - an older laptop but works great, will run XP, I think it has 256mb of memory and a 6Gb drive, 800 x 600 screen, might have one loose key.

    2 x IBM T701C Butterfly Thinkpads, one in great condition the other for parts.

    I think I have an old Toshiba Laptop laying around here somewhere too,

    Rackmount P3 server, 1U case, includes power supply, CD drive etc, ready to slide in to your rack or mount in the bottom of your trunk.

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    Bump for a great guy/trader/seller!

    I've done A LOT of business with im and never had anything go wrong...


    Post # 3000


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      8" Screen has gone, everything else remains!


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        Bump for an extremely patient dude. Don't worry it's in the mail. (I'm starting to sound like xdjxlusivex... )

        Try RevFE
        The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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          I am interested in the new razr. PM sent.


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            New Razr and the 8" Screen have gone, everything else still available!