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F/S 10" Bazooka Subs (Tubes) Old Skool!

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  • F/S 10" Bazooka Subs (Tubes) Old Skool!

    Ok. I've had these babies for almost 4 years... and guess what. They still work perfectly... I have never had problems with them. I installed them and they have run flawlessly. If your looking for a simple system without all the hassle of building or buying a box this is the perfect solution for you. AND they come already mounted to the wood with stylish and tough brackets that I just bought to secure them...

    The only thing thats is wrong with the subs are the paint. They basically just need a coat of paint and they are good to go.

    I bought these subs for about 269$ EACH.

    I'm asking for at least 100 bucks EACH without shipping I will need your zip to calculate shipping or of course if your in the NY area that would be great you can even come by for a test fit.

    I will consider other offers but 100 EACH is prettty much a steal... They don't make them like this anymore and they never will. And they really do sound great. Again if your in the NY area and want them, stop buy and you can hear them for yourself.

    I currently have them powered off a Rockford 300S amplifier and they are great.

    I already have a buyer for the amp, but if they decide not to buy I will put it up.

    Here are the exact specs.

    Model: RS104DVC (Dual Voice Coil)

    Size: 10 inches

    Frequency Response: 39-100HZ.

    DB: 104

    Power Handling- 6-250 Watts per channel 500 Watts RMS

    Weight: 26 lbs.

    Dimensions: 20.75" x 10.3" x 12.2"

    If anyone is interested please let me know.


    More Pics

    More pics:

    1999 Lexus GS300- (going VIP)
    1993 Lexus SC300-Turbo (Totaled by idiot driver)
    1996 Lexus SC400- (Totaled by brother)
    1972 Datsun 240Z- (WIP)
    1994 Toyota Camry- (sold)