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WTB/WTT: pci video card and pci wifi card

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  • WTB/WTT: pci video card and pci wifi card

    wats up guys well im back after a while and this time im lookin for a cheepo pci video card 4 mb 8 mb 16 mb watever dosnt matter just as long as it runs its gonna be for a seccond display using a lilliput im also lookin for a pci wifi card lookin for a g but a b can do the job

    ive got a 512 sd card to trade for a bunch of usb cables and what not let me know what u need and i will prolly have it some where in my garage

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    i've got a "b" lying around


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      how much freelander?


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        i have the original box, packaging and drivers. you don't have a mini sd card to trade, do you?


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          i got some old pci videocards here, does SIZE matter? does it need to be small?

          "a bunch of usb cables" errr? cauz i';d be interested for the SD
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            freelander naw i dont i just got a 2gig for my fone tho :-)

            agashka it does matter to a extent shud fit in a normal computer case tahts pritty much it


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              yeah, i was looking to do the same. would you trade the 512mb sd straight up?