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FS: DiCON LCD1280EI LCD controller + Samsung 14.1" TFT

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  • FS: DiCON LCD1280EI LCD controller + Samsung 14.1" TFT

    I'm selling these two items in a combination because my wiring harness supplier fell through, and I have moved on to other projects. The controller card is new and in perfect working order to my best estimation, and the LCD is said to be a working pull from a laptop, though I am unable to confirm this.

    The LCD controller supports LVDS interfaces up to 1280x1024 resolution. It includes the controller board, backlight inverter, and a pushbutton control board. Datasheet here:

    The LCD panel is an XGA standard aspect ratio display. I can provide a partial datasheet with pinouts, but Samsung Electronics can probably send other information if you inquire with them. I've had success in the past. The LCD also includes a custom-made stand if the buyer wants it (pictured below).

    Anyways, I am asking $150 USD or best offer for the LCD + controller package. I will ship via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation unless the buyer requests otherwise.

    Check out my eBay feedback here. I purchased the LCD controller from anaxagoras here.

    Finally, here are some pictures of what's included.

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    Why can't you verify the operation of the controller or lcd panel?
    What's the model # of the lcd panel?


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      Oh, simple. I haven't connected the two together to check for a valid signal. The LCD panel was pulled from a notebook that I never worked with, but I was told that the LCD is still working (the notebook's motherboard died). The controller card was purchased new and has not been used, so it should be in perfect working order.

      The LCD is a Samsung LT141X7-124. Thanks for your interest.


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        Ok, so is the lcd controller configured for the LT141X7-124?


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          No, the controller jumper settings are untouched, but using this document,

          one can find the correct jumper settings for the LT141X7-124 on page 14.


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            does the lcd cable have the correct connector for the LT141X7-124?


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              The LCD cable is unchanged from its original connection into the notebook's proprietary LCD controller. It's not, however, able to plug directly into the DiCON LCD controller, which was why I sought out a custom harness and subsequently failed. Since I have pinouts for both the controller and the TFT, it shouldn't be too difficult to connect the two using other means.