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  • FS: all kinds of stuff!

    I was building a car mp3 player, but funds have run out and i'd like to go on vacation this summer.

    This is a big list, so be prepared

    PENDING $350 + shipping - 8.4" touchscreen LCD with PCI controller card. The controller card alone retails for $200. It can be seen at Part Number: CNT-EV-PCI-1

    I have had it about a month, only tested, never used. I have never even configured the touchscreen. There is a small piece of the case missing(look in the picture, to the left of the white bar). This was from when i inserted the screen into the casing. The case is heavy duty.

    $200 + shipping - Custom built Lexan case

    I bought this case from Flood about 3 months ago. This was also part of my carputer idea. These are quote from him

    The case *IS* homemade, but I've done it well and used the proper procedure. The case is theoretically bulletproof because its lexan. All joints are "melded" together, no screws except to hold teh motherboard/drives in place.
    The motherboard has no ps/2 ports, only 3 usb (plus a usb header)
    I couldnt find the powerswitch that has both the look and functionality that i wanted, so you need to press it twice to turn it on/off.
    The case is still clear and has not yet been painted - theres a special method you can use on lexan where you put a neon/light inside the case... when the light is off, the case appears normally painted a solid color, but when you turn the light on, the case becomes transparent.

    The System runs fine on the 80mm fan alone - ive unplugged the cpu fan and prime95 on it and it does fine.

    What you get:
    the case, of course
    MSI motherboard (has onboard modem)
    celeron 600 (fcpga)
    intel retail heatsink
    180w sparkle microatx psu (p4/athlon approved - yes, it has the p4 connector, it even ran my dual xp1600 for a while)
    Pioneer Slot load DVD
    IDE cables

    Hard drive NOT included.

    during the time i have worked on it, the solders for the power switch have come off. No biggie, though, just resolder them

    $65 - 20GB Western Digital HDD.

    The design is awesome, i give Flood much credit for it. Also included is some acrylic glue, fo rthe joints, and a piece of lexan for any work you might want to add to it.

    $30 shipped - 300 watt Viking PSU.

    SOLD $15 shipped - PCI Serial card. Add 2 serial ports instantly to your computer!

    $10+ shipping a piece - Sybex MCSE books, 70-216, 70-217, Core Requirements Exam Notes.

    The following items can only be bought in bulk or with on of the items above.

    $8 - NLX motherboard. I dont know if it works, AS IS.

    $10 - 64 megs of PC66 RAM.

    $10 - Celeron 300A. Not tested. AS IS

    $7 - Dead BE6-2. I think the BIOS is fried.

    $8 - Globalwin heatsink. FOP38

    $5 - Dead Voodoo 3 3000

    Please post any questions you may have. I have heatware under Wiz.

    I only accept paypal and MOs. I have references
    and on ebay i'm listed as jasonwisniew

    prices are negotiable.

    BTW, please contact me here or here

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    email me about the touchscreen.

    [email protected]



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      nobody want anything? make some offers.


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        What are the specs on the touchscreen LCD...any part number?
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          the LCD is pending to birrman, but is is a sharp LQ9D03B


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            What is the viking PSU?
            System in the works:
            Celeron 850 or PIII 933, SB Live! Value into a stock 4 channel amp, ATI vid, 10.4" sharp LCD w/ allen's controller, Elo SW touchscreen overlay and controller, GPS, TV tuner, FW DVD drive, 4 port serial card, and some other stuff....

            Loads of ideas.


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              Originally posted by claylong
              What is the viking PSU?
              its a normal ATX PSU for a computer.