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FS: 10.4" touchscreen kiosk PCs, 14.1" LCD + controller, Mini-AGP card

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  • FS: 10.4" touchscreen kiosk PCs, 14.1" LCD + controller, Mini-AGP card

    10.4" King IMDM-2 10.4" touchscreen kiosk PC - 2 for sale!

    This is the kiosk PC of recent fame (see massive thread here) which features:

    Intel Celeron 400 MHz
    10.4" XGA LCD with 3M MicroTouch MT7 touch panel
    64 MB RAM - 32 MB onboard, and another 32 MB in slot (SO-DIMM compatible)
    6 GB hard drive (2.5" 44-pin IDE form factor)
    2 PCMCIA/PC Card slots
    Ethernet card (PCMCIA)
    TV tuner
    1x USB, 2x PS/2, line in/out, VGA out
    Windows 98 pre-installed

    If you have any questions, I'll try to answer, but check out the big thread first. Both units are in untouched condition as I received it from the seller during the big "group buy." Both units also include the big umblical cord that screws into the unit.

    Price - $150 or best offer each, plus shipping costs

    14.1" Samsung LT141X7-124 LCD + DiCON 1280FI LCD controller

    The LCD is an XGA standard-definition panel pulled from a Compaq notebook a few years ago. The LCD controller should support the panel with a custom harness--it's been confirmed to work with a lower-model controller in the family, the LCD1024E. The controller card also includes a pushbutton control board for the display and a backlight inverter.

    The LCD is a working pull from a notebook, though I have not personally confirmed that. The DiCON controller is a new part. I have PDF documentation for both parts.

    Price - $125 for the two together, $100 for the controller alone, $50 for the LCD alone. These prices do not include shipping. I will entertain reasonable offers

    Commell MA-ATI Radeon 9600 Mini-AGP card - SOLD

    For Commell LV-671 Mini-ITX owners only, this is a big upgrade from the onboard Intel Extreme Graphics 2. Asking $50 or best offer, plus shipping.

    Payment and Shipping info

    I accept PayPal payments using bank account transfer. I ship via USPS using Delivery Confirmation for both parties' protection. I ship to the continental US and Canada only. Generally I will ship within the same day of receiving payment.

    Contact info
    [email protected], or PM me.
    eBay feedback here

    Thanks for looking!

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    Too lazy to read the big thread.

    Any pics of the kiosk PC's may be interested in both.


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      Not my pics, but

      Also, a 24V 2A AC-DC power supply is included with each one.


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        It doesnt mean very much if its not from the actual unit. I like to see it running pls.


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          I'd have to open up the unit and solder some wires, do you really want me to do it?

          They're in the exact condition I received them in. By the way, there is a third unit that I am keeping, and it worked as expected.

          edit: Never mind, I don't need to open them. They both boot into Windows, and I'll try to get pictures up tomorrow afternoon.


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            The PCs in all their glory:

            Anyways, they work fine. I haven't messed with them at all, only connected power temporarily to prove their operative status. Power supplies have also been completely unharmed and are in new condition, besides unraveling the cords, of course.

            To all who are interested, PM or e-mail me with questions and/or offers. Thanks very much.


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              hrm... interesting

              I am very interested, but i have a few quick questions

              Screen - what is the default resolution? what kind of connection hooks it up to the pc (hd15, rca, proprietary, etc) could it be detached from the kiosk pc and have the kiosk pc somewhere else in the car (say under a seat, or in the back of the car) and then run a cable to the monitor?

              dimensions - could i get dimensions of the unit entirely (including screen) and dimensions of just the screen, and then dimensions of the unit without the screen?

              thanks, i look forward to hearing from you!



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                The default resolution of the display is 1024x768. The display hooks up using a proprietary cable using LVDS. Some people have reported success with extending the screen (see the linked thread for more information -, post #714 is one example).

                Rough dimensions are as follows:

                12.5" wide x 8" tall x 3.5" thick for the entire PC and integrated display.
                The display alone (no controller board, inverter board, etc.) is about 8.5" x 6.5" x 0.25".
                Without the display, about 7/8" is shaved off the thickness, and the other dimensions remain the same.

                With a complete disassembly, after shedding the rather rugged yet cumbersome chassis, you can really cut down the size as long as you go about it carefully.


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                  Its giving me quite a headache reading that huge thread. Anyways, for the two unit how are you powering them? and are the Powersupply unit comes with it? Do you have all the drivers for xp? Can the cpu be upgraded?


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                    Okay, the MA-ATI card is sold. Everything else is still up for grabs.