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Epia TC10000 512megs of ram and power supply

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  • Epia TC10000 512megs of ram and power supply

    Hey guys and gals,

    I have an Ebay item that someone might find usefull.

    Epia TC10000

    Here is the gallery on my site of the board running Debian linux with DVD and wireless internet:

    Reserve was $130


    Ebay link below:

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    hey pls do email me back tnx..ill have the paypal hopefully done by tom night thanks


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      must go $130 plus shipping insured in the USA ONLY

      Come get this little GEM!!!

      $130 plus shipping in the USA

      Click the link below to see 5 pages of pictures of the motherboard in action as well as screen shots!


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        Wow! 36 hours after the auction ended, he slapped the winning bidder with a neg.


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          what happened

          The winning bidder was from the Phillipines wanting to use an unvarified paypal account and never actually sent payment after 48 hrs. The winning bidder was named hacster3 and had 4 bids with the same exact amount with the same account.

          if you check my rating on Ebay you will see that I have a superior rating with payments for high amounts such as boats totaling over $700 with a varified account active since 2001!

          this is a great board to get started with


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            Is this still available?


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              still for sale

              sure is!


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                1st off im sorry this didnt push through but still i emaild you and pmed you lots of times stating that im from Orange county, was from philippines but in USA right now and asking for 2 days to fix my friends paypal account but you never messaged me back. i had 4 bids and it wasnt exact, each was higher than the previous acting as my max bid jsut to ensure i do get it. but you didnt reply to me. anyway dont wanna argue. goodluck.


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                  just a question why didnt you reply to me? i responded right after you sent your message and answered you directly too before the auctioned end bout why i have 3 bids to you. that i wanted to have the max bid higher. i was rushing everything to be settled but when i didnt hear from you asking if its ok now to paypal you and stuff jsut to confirm coz i didnt hear anything from you anymore i had to wait. wouldnt you if no one confirms with you?

                  dude anyhow sorry this didnt pull through, i really wanted that item. was willing to pay more than the reserve really. good luck./


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                    Why are you selling this unit?


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                      Still for sale?

                      If it comes with the cpu then send me a PM - I'll take it for $130.


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                        why I am selling

                        I purchased a boat and that is taking up all my time at the moment. Not to mentionihaveno more roomon my network foranother PC!