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  • Note for People Seeking Macs

    I do work for UCLA Extension here in southern california and have been given some of their workstations to sell off as they are replacing them with others. So I have around 7-9 Dual 867MHz G4 MDD Towers. They have 1.5GB RAM, 2 Hard Drives (one 60GB, one 120GB), they come with Logitech 3 Button Mice, and 15"Apple Monitor. I'm gettin them for about 580 as a whole so I'm sellin them off at 600 for everything As Is.

    If you're interested for them as a PCI unit in your car, look no further! Send me a message if you're interested and i'll send you my email address.


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    Thread moved to For Sale
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      so your selling this as one pakage?
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        Yup i'm selling them as complete systems "AS IS".

        So that means... CPU (dual 867 G4 MDD) 1.5GB RAM, 2 HDs, Video Card, 15" Apple Cinema Display and Apple Keyboard and Logitech/Apple Mouse.

        All of that for $600.

        I will be putting the basic operating system (10.4.7) and iLife 06 on em.

        Any more questions let me know


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          damn if i had some money lol


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            Originally posted by Bugbyte View Post
            Thread moved to For Sale
            Where is the this thread please?


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              its right here


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                For clarity...

                Are you selling all 7-9 systems and all peripherals for $600 or..

                selling each system separately as a whole, 1 desktop/mouse/kb/monitor package.

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                  i'm selling complete systems consiting of Dual G4 867, 1.5GB RAM, 2 HD (60 and 120 at 7200 I believe), 15in Apple Monitor, and Keyboard and Mouse for $600.

                  I have 7-9 complete systems available for $600 each

                  You want to buy all 9 complete systems it's $5400


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                    just to verify and stuff.. your post count is quite untrustworthy
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                      here's two pics from the lab at UCLA as requested. I'm new to the MP3car thing, and since i recently got the task of removing these guys I thought I'd extend the offer.
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                        how much for shipping? 78250?


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                          Originally posted by cejero View Post
                          here's two pics from the lab at UCLA as requested. I'm new to the MP3car thing, and since i recently got the task of removing these guys I thought I'd extend the offer.
                          Damn... that ooks exactly like one of the computer labs at UCSD...


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                            Originally posted by Rolabarr View Post
                            how much for shipping? 78250?
                            Depends upon the final weight and where you are. I'm guessin the package would be about 50-60 lbs. Buyer pays shipping.

                            Here's the stats on the systems (they're actually dual 867s, I was thinking they were dual 800s like my test machine but it's a Quicksilver not a Mirrored Drive Door):




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                              You'll accept PayPal I take it as payment?