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Fs: A Bunch Of Random Computer Parts!

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  • Fs: A Bunch Of Random Computer Parts!

    Alright, I have the following for sale. I didn't list prices because I want this to be a best offer type of deal, but please no low balling.

    -Intel Pentium III Processor - 800MHz, 256k l2 cache and 133Mhz FSB -$25
    -Intel Celeron Processor - Don't know the specs, the model number is FV524Rx400 128 SL3A2 - $25
    -AMD Athlon 2600 XP - $45
    -AMD Athlon 3200 XP Includes Stock Heatsink & Fan - $65
    -Nanya 256MB DDR PC2700 333MHz Desktop Memory - $15
    -Centon 256MB PC2700 333MHz Desktop Memory $15
    -64MB SDRAM 133MHz Desktop Memory - $20
    -10/100 Ethernet PCI Card - $10
    -Diamond 56K PCI Modem - $10
    -64MB Nvidia Geforce 4 MX440 with composite AV and s-video out. - $25
    -beige 3.5" floppy drive - $10
    -Linksys 8-Port 10/100 Workgroup Switch - EZXS88W ver. 3.1 - $25
    -Basic CDROM drive - $20

    MAYBE broken 256mb Nvidia 6800gt - the computer was in a surge, never turned on again and was set aside till now. - No longer for sale, just fixed it apparently it was a bit of dust build up.

    Please just shoot me an offer via either PM or email me at tvieira24 @ gmail . com. This stuff is going up on ebay if it doesn't get picked up soon.


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    Please read the classifieds rules!!!
    • This Forum is NOT ebay... Name a price on the item you want to sell, However you are welcome to post a link to an ebay auction.


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