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Trade 8.4" LCD with controller for Alan controller

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  • Trade 8.4" LCD with controller for Alan controller

    My current setup is a Sharp LQ9D011 8.4" TFT with a Yamaha ISA video card running it. It is basically the same brightness as the Dennis K but is 256 color. I have found that it is great for most applications except for anything graphic intensive like video. It works great for MP3's and GPS, etc... It is complete and Win 98 will recognize it and install drivers for it. It is a plug and play setup with nothing else required except a case if needed.

    I have had it mounted for a while but actually only used it a couple times to demonstrate what everything will look like when the project is completed.

    I had bought the Dennis K screen a while back with the intentions of using the touch screen overlay. This is before I found out about the Allan controller. I bought the Allan controller but apparantly it is defective and I can't even get another. So now I have to give up my current setup just to get a piece for a new setup.

    I will not sell it because if I can't buy a controller for the Dennis K screen then I won't have anything at all. If someone were selling the controller then probably.

    I definitely paid twice as much for this setup than I did for the Alan controller but am feeling helpless if I want things to work.


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    You telling me that nobody has an extra or one that they bought with hopes of getting it working but couldn't because of time or parts? Looks like I will have to get the other fixed. If that's possible.


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        Them buggers with allen's controllers are holding onto them tight. I inquired about buying one and no one would bite
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