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    FS i have a broken PSP for sale it was bought in March of last year(2005) it does function,nothing is fried I just cant put it back together due to the fact i broke a plastic piece to where the screen connects to the main board. so basically i am selling it "As-Is" you can use it for parts or whatever. I am missing a lot of the screws(it can be replaced,but not by me) everything you see in pic is what you get no battery, cause i plan on buying a new psp so i'll use that as a spare. screen is actually intact there is 2 small(im talkin 2mm of a scratch on top left,it could be just a spot you can wipe down) last i checked(back in beginning of May of 06) there were only 2 dead pixels that were there since day 1,Sony said i couldnt return it.

    So once again sold As-IS, I won't charge for shipping since its only a fewbucks(via UPS). But i have to declare a price. so i declare $130,price is pretty darn fluctual.

    Wondering why i took it apart?
    I took it apart to attempt to do the Wifi hack, i ended up not being able to do it. cause i couldnt get a few screws out. but i did drill 1 hole on the back to get to the wifi plug later on. ask questions if you must,but no flaming please.
    screen name here use to be MegaloRESE15"