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FS: VW Polo GTI- 2001- 20k milles, Carputer, 3k Audio Install- UK Sale

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  • FS: VW Polo GTI- 2001- 20k milles, Carputer, 3k Audio Install- UK Sale

    Got My car up for sale if anyone on here is interested.

    Will be sorry to see her go


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    Do you know what the export costs (taxes mainly) are to get this car out of the UK and to eastern europe? I can get my cousin to tell me the import tax, but is there any taxes that have to be paid when leaving the UK?

    Whats the current exchange rate between UKpounds/USdollars?

    Are you in a rush to sell the car? I wasn't planning on buying until the end of winter simply because the car won't be used by myself until next year and I don't need family members mistreating it. Not that they would intentionally, but I am very anal about my car and I do 'stupid' things like park far out in parking lots to avoid others, etc.


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      The car is infact in an Island off the coast of England called 'guernsey'.

      As far as i know there will be no tax for the car actually leaving the island/country, its more what you will pay when the car arrives.

      You country pay ask you to pay 'import duty'. Within Euro, i dont think this will be a problem, but you best check with your local customs office. Usually the criteria they do it on is

      1)Where its coming from

      2)How old it is

      3)How much the 'invoiced' cost of the vechile is, basically how much a write doen that i sold it to you for.

      To check currency, i recommend using its the best Online convertor.

      I hadnt really thought about selling it to anyone outside of England, but, at the end of the day, if it goes to a good home, im not too bothered. Shipping takes many weeks, so if you buy now, ul have it in time for xmas



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        Well shipping isn't the problem, my cousin-in-law would most likely pick it up, the problem is you selling it at the wrong time for me. A hooked-up Polo pretty much fits all my criteria with what you have done to the car, you just happen to be selling it too soon for me. I have 15,000 dollars in tuition to pay in December so theres no way for me to even think about buying any car before '07. Good luck with the sale; if somehow you do decide to keep it (although I doubt it with your impending move to London) I'd be very interested in it. You shouldn't have too much trouble selling though, even if it is a niche-market car the UK modding scene is pretty big, I'd figure it wouldn't be too hard to find a buyer in London perhaps?

        If/When you sell it post how much you let it go for, I like to keep up with used-car prices over the pond...