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wtb: harddrive, dc dc psu and slim slot dvd

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  • wtb: harddrive, dc dc psu and slim slot dvd

    hey, if anyone has any of these for sale can you please pm me.

    hard drive - 20-80 gig

    dc dc psu - atx , enought power to supply a p3 350, tv tuner, graphic, and sound cards, irman, tft controler & inverter and touch screen, hd and dvd (so i think about 200-250watt)

    slim slot load dvd - i know there is a thread going in another section but he has not go back to me, so if anyone has one ill take if off your hands.

    i live in australia but am happy to pay the postage,

    thanks kardas

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    Massive Australian buyup?

    Sorry about the use of the word massive - I saw a DivX of the Ali G movie last night

    Hey Kardas - I'm in Sydney and I'm in the market for a power supply as well. I've been waiting patiently for KaBoom to release the pricing for his hoopy little power supply, but I'm gonna want a dc-dc soon as well.

    Any other Australian's interested in a group buy? I'm happy to co-ordinate the details as long as people are willing to front when required.

    I know that the DSCustoms guy is willing to ship to Australia - it's just a small matter of exchange rate, and freighting from Asia to USA to Australia would appear to be a little silly.

    Contact me at cam[at]geek[dot]com, and we'll see what we can arrange.

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      hi there guys

      ill be interested in a dc-dc shortly

      i had a friend that was gonna build me one but he is unreliable ive got a 75% completed sproggy sitting here but ended up going atx and cant be bothered replacing the ics

      for us aussies i can get most computer components at wholesale price if anyone is interested let me know what your after and ill see what i can do will get a updates pricelist this week

      sorry no slot loading dvds

      can do a 15" vga lcd for about 500 brand spankling new a tad big for most ppl tho



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        i need a dc dc psu ASAP. and pcman_cortina, how much could you get 40 - 80 gig hard drive, like price for 40, 60 and 80