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EBAY 2006 Ford Mustang GT Prem, DVD, GPS, 5 LCD, Apple MacMini, PS2 (Virginia)

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  • EBAY 2006 Ford Mustang GT Prem, DVD, GPS, 5 LCD, Apple MacMini, PS2 (Virginia)

    Hello everyone,
    I'm selling my 2006 Ford Mustang GT Premium with tons of tech installed inside on eBay:

    It's got a Pioneer Avic N2 head Unit (for voice guided GPS, DVD playback, MP3, CD), backup camera, Playstation 2 with 1 game, Apple Mac Mini with thumb mouse and keyboard, 5 LCD screens, iPod adapter among other things.

    It's extremely sad that I have to sell it but we're in the process of getting a new house and this is the only way to keep us financially stable. It's been my pride and joy and if there were something else I could sell in place of this that would get us the money I would because this car has meant a lot to me and I took extremely good care of it. Getting the house is more important in the long run to the family so it must be sold. I'm hoping someone out there will give it a good home.
    My 2006 Mustang GT install:

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    Its too bad you're not selling any of that seperately, notably the mac mini.

    Good luck.


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      Hey Lorenwade,
      Honestly I wish I didn't have to sell any of it but we figured it would sell better and faster leaving everything in it and selling it as a whole as opposed to trying to take stuff out and deal individually with people who want certain things. One lumpsum payment seems easier to deal with than keeping track of multiple sales etc.
      Thanks for the interest though.
      My 2006 Mustang GT install:


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        Hey, no, I understand completely.