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WANTED!!! In-Dash toutch screen monitor!

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  • WANTED!!! In-Dash toutch screen monitor!

    an in-dash toutch screen monitor, (for use with pc)

    dont care what size screen it is. has to fit in the normal size radio slot.

    i am in the UK. i will pay 200 with is about 375usd for the screen and P&P


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      thats not in dash, it must be in-dash


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        Its 2din. You're looking for a 1 din?


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          No, that's a standalone Lilliput, which can fit in a double-DIN space with some fabrication.

          Again, I'm going to ask...
          Why are you pointing people to products that they aren't asking for? This is the second time you've done that...
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

          Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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            Fits in my dash.

            Again, he didn't specify din size.

            If "in-dash" means 1 din, then I didn't realize that was the lingo around here.

            At the local shop, "in-dash" means anything that fits in the dash, 2 din or single din.


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              I have a digital world wide 7vga screen:

              That I would sell to you shipped for $400. It's never been installed in a car, and been sitting on my shelf collecting dust. It's 400 nits brightness, super clean, and getting rare. I haven't seen these in stock at for over a year.

              It's a Xenarc panel, in a non-motorized in-dash housing. No motorized parts to wear out and break, and the reliability of a Xenarc monitor.

              I'm sure I'll kick myself later for selling it because you can't really get these anymore, but I'd rather someone else use it to complete their system.

              PM me if you're interested (I don't usually check up on the Classified forums), and I can send you some pictures of it.

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