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WTB or Trade: CrystalFontz or Matrix Orbital 4x20 Char LCD

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  • WTB or Trade: CrystalFontz or Matrix Orbital 4x20 Char LCD

    I've about had it with playing around with this display, and I'm thinking it would save me some hassles (and some money at this point) to just get a pre-made serial LCD and be done with it.

    So, I'm willing to buy or trade for a CrystalFontz (preferred) or Matrix Orbital display, 4x20 w/ backlight. I'd also like to get the cables and keypad. If you have these too, please let me know.

    For trade, I have 2 VFD displays from Noritake, both working, one unused.

    One is a CU20026SCPB-T22A, 2x20 VFD. Information here:

    ALong with this I have the OP-RS232-CA1 serial interface adapter, which, according to the spec sheet "is an adapter to interface between RS232C system and 'itron' CU module".

    The other display is a CU40025SCPB-U1J VFD. It is 2x40, information here:
    From that page you can get a spec sheet in PDF format.

    The CU20026SCPB-T22A is unused and brand new, as is the serial interface adapter. As far as the CU40025SCPB-U1J, I soldered pin headers to it. All items have detailed data sheets.

    Please let me know if you have what I need, and let me know what you'd be willing to take for it. Thanks very much!