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ATTN: Dodge Durango Drivers!!

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  • ATTN: Dodge Durango Drivers!!

    Greetings people!

    I just got back from a friends house who does stuff with Carbon fiber. If I can sell what I am about to advertise I may go a different route and have him help me with another idea that I have.

    I am selling a MOD that fits underneath the radio and such in a Dodge Durango. It will hold a 10.5 Inch screen or less (can put spacers to hold a smaller screen

    I got this professionally upholstered, and the money that was spent doing that is all that I want for the unit. ($80...that will include shipping) Thats a good deal considering the time of building and getting a good design to fit in there.

    Here are several photos of the screen.

    All it needs is a bezel...depending on the time of purchase, I may be able to throw in a carbon Fiber bezel that a friend is making. If you reply quickly to this message I will try and add that in with the deal.

    Please someone take advantage of this deal. It has a nice tight fit to the durango.

    email me at for more info or to setup a sale!

    Also have a SV24 I might be willing to sell also......System ideas are always changing! :-)

    Take Care Group!