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FS: 8.4" VGA LCD (DennisK) with touch controller for SBC's

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  • FS: 8.4" VGA LCD (DennisK) with touch controller for SBC's

    Due to some unexpected expenses, I'm having to sell my LCD package is what you get:

    - Sharp LQ9D161 8.4" VGA LCD (640x480 4096 colors)
    - MicroTouch touchscreen overlay
    - MicroTouch touchscreen controller with serial cable (difficult to obtain)
    - TDK CXA-L0512-NJL Backlight Power Inverter
    - LCD cable to connect the LCD's 31pin hirose connector to a 2mm 44pin LCD connector found on many SBC's (tested with Advantech PCM-5862)

    Basically, this is "plug and play" if you have a SBC with a similar controller. All you'd have to do is plug it in, provide 12v to the inverter and touchscreen controller and you have a working touchscreen LCD for your dash. Here's a pic of it in action:

    Item is SOLD!

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    Trade Possible?

    I'm interested, but want to know if you'd like to trade for any things I may have.

    I've got:
    P3 400 w/ 128 MB Ram (complete system)
    Dual P3 800 2U Server w/ 512 MB Ram and 3 18GB SCSI HDs

    Quantum Snap! Server NAS device (was a dual 10GB system that I upgraded to a dual 20GB system)

    -Mike Caouette
    [email protected]


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      Sorry...not interested in a trade. Am selling because I need the cash.


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        How long is the cable going from the SBC to the LCD? Also, how bright is the display (sunlight readable)?


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          How much to ship to LA?


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            I don't know much about SBCs (Single Board Comp).

            What other options will proplerly feed video to this unit.

            If it will take TV out, S-Vid or VGA. I would Like to buy it from you.

            Please indicate payment/delivery options

            I read the board a couple times a day.

            D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

            Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

            Read the FAQ!


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              The cable is a little longer than 24". The display is mildly bright. It would definitely be readable in dim or indirect light, but might be difficult to read in direct sunlight.


              Shipping will be at cost with the insurance level of your choice.


              This setup does not include a controller, so it won't work as is without an SBC. Of course with the proper controller, any of the inputs you mentioned could be available. Controllers from EarthLCD are very likely compatible with this cable as I purchased it from them.


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                OK, on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate the visibility in direct sunlight?

                I'm definately interested, I just want to be able to see it =D


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                  I've already gotten rid of the SBC I was using to test it with, but it seemed pretty bright. I'd probably give it a 6 or 7. It's perfectly suitable for incar applications like GPS and music. Unless you have a convertable, I don't imagine that direct sunlight is going to be an issue 90% of the time.


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                    ok, I would be using this with a regular computer, not a SBC, how much do you think a compatible vga controller would cost?

                    And how would you want the money? Paypal, check, money order?


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                      Come on people, quit asking questions and buy the thing allready
                      I would have this paid for and be playing with it now if I wasn't selling my sbc.


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                        well I don't have a SBC and I want to make sure it will work with my setup. It's better to ask questions now than to come across surprises later.

                        So anyways, another question =\

                        You said it displays in 4096 colors which is 12 bit color. I have no idea what 12 bit would look like. I will be playing DVDs and Winamp visualizations on this and I want it to look good. You wouldn't happen to have any images of it while it was on showing a crisp image would you? I'm kind of hestitant because of the 12 bit color and just need some reassuring.


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                          I was wandering where you got the cable (44 pin to Hirose) from? If you could let me know it would be great.


                          PS your PM box is full.
                          And you say people actually pay money for M$ Windows?
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                            Stupid inbox...I had 3 messages in the inbox and 2 in sent items and it says it's full....


                            Your concerns about the color are justified. The color is a little bit stratified in video, especially where there are gradients. The only other pictures that I have are here. They are a bit blurry because of the crappy camera. The Madonna video has the best example of the color stratification in the sky. Of course, the benefit really comes in for doing things like GPS where the text is crisp and readable as opposed to component video LCDs. You can make better use of the real estate on the screen since you don't have to enlarge fonts and get special skins to make things readable.

                            A compatible controller ( like the EarthVision/ADC) will run you about $199. See below for more info on the cable.

                            I prefer Paypal, but will also accept Money Order.


                            I got the cable special made from EarthLCD. I think it cost like $90 for just the cable and backlight inverter. If you use them for a special order product like that, just remember to call them every couple days and "check the status", because they misplaced my order a couple times. If they tell you they don't stock that LCD, just tell them it's the same cable as the LQ9D03B (pinouts are identical as far as I can tell). The cable consists of two pieces. The first goes from the hirose connector to a 50 pin IDC connector like on the controller linked above. Then there is a second piece that goes from the 50 pin IDC to a 44pin 2mm connector that looks identical to a laptop hard disk connector. I believe that you could plug the LCD straight into the controller with the first piece of the cable, but I'd have to call to confirm.

                            hope that answers your questions guys...if you have any more, let 'em fly.


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                              As good of a deal as that is, I think I'm going to pass on this one. It would really bother me seeing that gradient problem. If I was going to put GPS in, I would take the lesser quality just for the savings, but the main purpose of the screen with be for video and I want to be good quality.
                              Thanks though
                              I just hope I don't kick myself for this later =\