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FS: 1.2ghz Mini itx Mobo w/ 256mb ram

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  • FS: 1.2ghz Mini itx Mobo w/ 256mb ram

    Up for sale is a Freetech Pentium 3 Mini itx motherboard with a 1.2ghz CPU and low profile heatsink and fan and 256mb ram. Used it for a few months. Alot faster than most epia boards. Here are some specs.

    Asking 150 shipped

    Mainboard Specifications and Features

    IntelŪ FC-PGA, FC-PGA2 PentiumŪ III and Cyrix
    Socket 370 Processors or other compatible Autodetection CPU
    Onboard Voltage Regulator Module Provides 1.3V to 3.5V operating voltage
    CPU has built-in floating point unit
    System bus clock 66/100/133 MHz
    PCI bus clock 33 MHz
    VIA S3 PL133 AGP set
    VIA VT82C686B super-I/O integrated peripheral controller
    Two 168-pin DIMM sockets, up to 1GB
    Supports 8 MB to 512MB SDRAM memory types
    Supports four IDE devices in two channels
    Supports PIO mode 0 through mode 4 drives
    Supports Bus Mastering DMA mode 2 drives
    Supports two Bus Mastering Ultra DMA-ATA 33/66/100 drives
    Supports Iomega ZIP or LS-120 removable drives
    One floppy disk controller
    One Standard/EPP/ECP parallel port connector
    Two 16550 compatible serial port connectors
    Two USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports on board, two front USB ports by cable
    One line-out, mic-in, LAN, vga, 1394 on board,
    One COM port by cable
    PS/2 mouse connector and
    PS/2 keyboard connector on board
    One 32-bit PCI slot
    One Digital Video ouptup header
    One AMR header
    Compliant with EPA, APM 1.2 and ACPI
    Auto Power on
    ATX soft-off power control
    Power – on by keyboard and PS/2 mouse
    Power – on by external modem ring
    Power – on by alarm
    Fan off in sleep mode
    CPU temperature warning and system temperature detection
    CPU and system voltage detection
    CPU and secondary fan RPM detection
    Mini itx form factor 17 cm x 17 cm (6.7 x 6.7-inch)

    Heres a stock pic I found online:
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    forgot to mention.... offers accepted!
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      does it come with anything else? case?power?HDD?


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        no.... just the mobo, ram, cpu, and heatsink


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          bump for a good seller


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            can you take a picture with a camera of the whole thing plz?
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              Pictures added in post two