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WTB : '01 Honda Civic CarPuter

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  • WTB : '01 Honda Civic CarPuter

    Hello - I don't have the time to do a project like this right now.

    I would be interested in buying a complete CarPuter for my Honda Civic.

    Someone in the Cincinnati, Ohio metro area would be great - easier to work with someone local.

    Desired Specs...

    1) GPS and mapping software
    2) 7" Touchscreen
    3) Bluetooth
    4) AM/FM stereo
    5) 802.11 connection

    I intend to use the 802.11 connection to set-up a script of some kind to automatically pull podcasts.

    Reply if interested - if I don't get anyone interested, I may have to make time for this project!

    Thanks for looking!

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    lol... and how much do you intend to pay for a project like this? and do you want just the parts ready to be put in the car or a complete setup of the system and installation?