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FS: Epia m9000, 512mb, 2x pci riser card

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  • FS: Epia m9000, 512mb, 2x pci riser card

    Just like the title says. Selling because I'm going the Geode route instead for a bit more oomph. I can post photos upon request, but chances are the buyer knows what it all looks like

    The board is NOT LVDS enabled as far as I can tell.
    I don't know much about the memory except that it works with the board and has Infineon chips.
    I haven't used the riser card, but it came with the board.

    $130 shipped via UPS ground anywhere in the USA, or I'm sure if the buyer were local (Midtown Atlanta, GA) we could knock that price down. I am open to offers though.

    I also have a very strange power supply setup for AC. It looks to be a small unregulated dc-dc power supply hardwared into some sort of transformer that I can't find any info about. The power supply itself has NO markings on it unfortunately. I haven't tested it yet, but if anyone is interested I'll test it out, take some pics, and post a price per the rules.

    I'm new on here, but I'm on the "good guy" list @ Sounddomain, and have Heatware and Paypal to back up the reputation. The buyer will get all my contact info if it makes you feel more comfortable buying from a newb