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FS: Selling my complete CarPc setup for $250

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  • FS: Selling my complete CarPc setup for $250

    I'm now selling my complete CarPC setup for $250.00+

    Here are the PC specs:
    ECS P6STP-FN Motherboard
    766 Mhz Cyrix Processor, Upgradable to 1Ghz (Computer reads it at 808Mhz)
    256MB of Ram, Upgradable to 1GB
    12.06 GB Hard Drive
    2 USB ports
    VGA port
    parallel port
    game port
    Built in NIC
    Audio in/out and mic ports
    Composite TV out port
    S-Video Port
    Slim Slot CD Drive
    The computer measures 12X7X3, it really small.

    Car Setup:
    USDc20d Micro Shutdown Controller (From
    225 Watt 4-Channel Alpine Amp
    175 Watt Vector Inverter
    Custom Deck comes with 8 programmable buttons, as you can tell from the picture only one side was completed. The button interface can be found at, the setup can support up to 15 button and are progamed with girder you will need a usb to serial converter to use it on the pc, the slim slot CD comes with the desk. The deck also includes a custom volume control setup, which allows you to turn the volume turn up or down without having to do it through Windows.
    The 5" screen is cracked, which is why I'm selling the setup, after it cracked I didnt feel like continuing the project.
    This is about a 90% complete setup, the only thing you will need is a
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy SE Sound Card, SB0570
    Radio/TV Tuner Card or USB Tuner
    and a Screen

    All the wires are included if you want them or not is up to you.

    The Custom Deck was made for 99-03 Galants, but can be modified to fit any make or model car.

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    willing to part?
    how much for amp?