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FS: 8" Lilliput LCD TS molded into 03 dodge ram bezel

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  • FS: 8" Lilliput LCD TS molded into 03 dodge ram bezel

    I am selling my 8 Lilliput Touch Screen LCD Monitor that I molded into the dash of my 2003 dodge ram. I am selling the truck so I no longer have a use for it. The screen is in good condition. The monitor is programmed so that it auto turns on when you give it power. I was going to relocate the IR receiver to the vent but never got around to it.
    $300 + shipping. OBO.
    email: coolboarder654 at

    When it was in the truck.

    Here it is now.

    What you get. The remote too but it is not in the picture.

    In this picture you can see there is some foam slipping down at the top, partially obscuring the very top edge of the screen. This is the foam between the LCD and the touch screen. You could disassemble the monitor and move the foam back to its original position but it is not that noticeable when in use in the vehicle.

    Here is the above picture zoomed in.

    Here is the back side of the monitor. I used epoxy and acrylic to secure the monitor in place and to fill any empty spots. Then I used fiberglass hair and bondo and eleventy billion hours of sanding to give it its final shape.