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carputer set up monito and pc

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  • carputer set up monito and pc

    Package inc Lilliput 809GL-80NP 8" LCD touch screen monitor

    Lilliput 809GL-80NP is an ideal monitor when the space is an important issue such as in car PC, it functions as both a SVGA monitor and a mouse. You can also have a software keyboard on screen.

    This 8" LCD touch screen monitor has the standard 4:3 display ratio, and offers standard 800 x 600 SVGA resolution (as computer monitor).

    This can also function as high resolution video monitors for iPod video, digital cameras, car rear view cameras ... anything with stand RCA composite video output.

    Works great for pc's as the SVGA give great clarity

    Key features:
    LCD screen size: 8"diagonal (162 x 121 mm)
    For PC, Server, GPS, and various VGA Use, Compatible with DVB/SDVD/DVD/VCD, in car rear view camera connectible
    High resolution display - up to 800 x 600 (HxV) formatted
    Supported computer display resolution up to 800 x 600
    Dot Resolution: 640 x 3 x 480 dots (1 pixel= R+G+B dots)
    LCD brightness: w/o touch screen) - 400 cd/m2; w/ touch screen): 280 cd/m2
    Response Time (Ton+Toff): 30 Ms
    Contrast: 200:1
    Viewing angles: 65/65 (R/L), 45/60 (U/D) degrees
    Credit card size IR remote control
    Full function OSD control (Multi-language)
    Audio output: Speaker built-in & earphone jack
    No radiation (better for eyes protection)
    Multi Video system: PAL/NTSC
    One monitor suports 3 chanels of input: one computer (VGA) and two video inputs
    Can be directly powed by car battery: 12 V DC, power consumption < 9 W
    LCD touchscreen display (USB interface)
    Overal dimension: 20.5 x 16.3 x 4.0 cm; weight: around 850 g
    1 x S-video / 2 x composition video / 1x audio input (shown in picture)
    Built-in speakers

    rrp 189.99


    The Cappuccino is one of the smallest PCs in the world. Its size is similar to a portable CD player. It weighs about 980 grams, making it more portable than a laptop. It comes with many built-in functionalities such as CD-RW, VGA, TV-OUT, USB, LAN, FAX-Modem, AUDIO, K/B, Mouse, and other ports, making it very convenient for users on the go. With Cappuccino, you don't have to stand the high prices of notebooks or the heavy weights and bulkiness of standard desktops any more!

    The GX1 is equipped with Infrared Data Association (IrDA) provides 115Kb/s near distance point to point data transmission function. Lets you enjoy instant wireless transmission anywhere in the world! Most Notebooks or Desktops provide IR ports at the back of system which makes it inconvenient to execute IR functions. To make it easy, Cappuccino has an IR port in the front panel, no need for a PDA cradle or connecting wires for IR transmissions. It is convenient and easy to use.

    Intel Celeron 1.1Ghz Processor
    512mb RAM
    40gb HDD
    133MHz Front Size Bus
    Intel 82810 Chipset

    Comes with car start up wire already attatched so will make it easy for car setup

    rrp 300

    i have videos of this working so will post them up as soon as anyone seems interested.

    300 for the lot