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Wanted: RR Skin Programer, Pays good!

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  • Wanted: RR Skin Programer, Pays good!

    am looking for someone to do a custom RR skin for my H2 carputer. It does not have to be extremely fancy, but I would like a day/night skin similar to bluedevil that has the following functions and works with my hardware:

    Normal - mp3, radio (silabs), video, nav (Iguidance), Sirius (modded AlP1), TV and a few others such as Netstumbler, ARC15PRO for Uniden BC15T Scanner, OBII functions with dash simulation and maybye a few other functions.

    I have until the 15th of Jan to have everything ready. Thats they day all the equip will be custom installed. I would like to have everything running great before goes in so I wont have to spend hours setting in the car trying to get things to work.

    I will pay as the job completes via paypal. For someone who does skins for fun, this is a good chance to make some good money. I'm not talking 10 or 15 dollars, but purhaps $20 as each piece or skin page is designed. This could add up to alot I know.

    If your interested, please email me at [email protected] with you background in Roadrunner and skin designs, how soon you can start, and what kind of time you will have to devote to my project.

    BTW, since you are designing it, its your product and I will not object to you releasing it to anyone else.