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FS: Rainbow Germ xovers/tweeters ; Kenwood eXcelon x790

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  • FS: Rainbow Germ xovers/tweeters ; Kenwood eXcelon x790

    These Rainbow crossovers and tweeters are BNIB. I bought a second set of Germs so I could go double midbass and used the xovers and tweets from that set, so these have never been powered or taken out of their box. Will include instruction booklet and the highly sought after Rainbow window sticker.

    $250 shipped/paypaled

    WARNING. WARNING. WARNING. This deck is slightly broken. Here's what happened. Had a CD jam inside, pulled it out, but now the internal mechanism won't line up correctly. You can halfway insert a disc, hit the reset button, it'll take it and play it no problem, just when you go to eject it messes up again. Everything else is perfect: radio, aux, cosmetically as well. Includes, faceplate sleeve, rear harness, and trim ring. I personally love this unit and would have gone to an authorized Kenwood repair place (which is what you'll need to do) if I hadn't found an x979. It's easier to use and has a slew of top-notch features. Here's a description:

    $100 shipped/paypaled.

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