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FS 7" Ex-Audio/Lilliput XGA new gen monitor

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  • FS 7" Ex-Audio/Lilliput XGA new gen monitor

    Monitor is Ex-Audio branded, beautiful high res image quality on it.
    About 1 month year old, was never used for anything but testing it (all in all I'd say about 15 minutes of working time).
    The touch-screen overlay has been removed by myself to get better image quality, the overlay is included in this package and is in a mint working condition.
    No smudges, scratches or anything else on the monitor and it has been kept in it's original box for most of the time.
    after the overlay has been removed, a special padding tape has been applied to frame the inside part of the lcd that does not show, in order to seal the shell and gaps that the removal of the overlay left.
    Putting the touchscreen overlay back might be a little tricky but definitely doable.
    This monitor was originally purchased to be used in a project for a legally blind woman .
    I have come across by surprise a much better alternative and so plans have changed and I have no need for this monitor anymore.
    comes with everything: receipt, remote control still wrapped and unopened ,manual, stand,drivers for TS overlay, all of the cables.
    Pictures will be sent upon request, Ebay account existant for identity and reference.

    I have paid $230 shipping included for it a month ago, and I'm looking forward to sell it for $150 express shipping included and paid for by paypal.

    Many thanks,