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Full Car PC Wanted..

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  • Full Car PC Wanted..

    Hey all,

    new here to the forum so g'day haha from auz.

    I'm looking to install a full car computer before the nissan nationals in april so time to start looking at whats out there..

    I have space in my custom fibreglass dash for a touch screen 8" monitor to be molded in... thus i need one screen..

    i have a 60gb 2.5" hard drive from another project so i dont need that.

    but if anyone has the other parts that would be great to let me know... even better if your in auz.!


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    auz? u mean australia? i dunno im a little lost. well anyway i have a mini itx motherboard ram and case i can let go for 250 and u pay shipping,

    mii12000 motherboard
    512 ram
    ampie case.

    lemme know
    i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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      lol yes, auz as in australia.

      cheers i'm still looking around but will PM you if im keen


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        the one i bought is a really great deal check out pics at they will ship it to AUS. there is also a post a few up from yours with a guy selling the same system. . . . the galleon ones can be had on ebay for 499 shipped. . . . . great starter kit. . . .with room to grow. . click the link in my sig. . to see it in my car. . .
        Ebay Carputer support forum and show off thread


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          this this one

          they have the 1 din in dash full PC
          i also bought monitor from them


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            Currently i have them and they come in different sizes, 450 x 338 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels, Portable car pc 425 x 318 pixels and the 2004 Tundra Car-PC 1024 x 768 pixels