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FS/FT Cleaning out the Closet SALE!!!

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  • FS/FT Cleaning out the Closet SALE!!!

    Most of the equipment below was used for a mesh network that recently got dismantled. Some of the computers still have MEsh OS installed. Please contact me via email if you require additional information or photos. Payment through money order prefered, for paypal please add 3 percent. Some small items are priced with shipping, for others please inquire. I'm not really looking for anything specific, but if you have anything cool you like to trade let me know. Canada and US only please, other countries please inquire.

    Wireless PCMCIA wireless network adapter
    Cisco Aironet A/B/G Info qty 4 each $35 shipped 1 sold to jimmythecow
    SMC Cardbus Adapter Info $25 shipped
    Lucent Orinoco Classic Gold 802.11b debadge sorry cant find info $30 shipped
    ProXim Orinoco Silver 802.11b $25 shipped

    PCI network adapter
    Hawking ADMtek wireless b $15 shipped
    SMC EZ connect b/g $20 shipped

    USB network adapter
    SMC 2662W Info $20 shipped
    Linksys Wireless compact usb adapter Info $20 shipped

    Miscellaneous parts
    PCI Firewire 4 ports missing screwon metal cover $15 shipped
    SCSI Raid controller 2100S w/ cables Info $85 shipped
    Various Sticks of SDRAM
    64 mb / 133mhz qty 1 $15 shipped
    128mb /100mhz qty 3 $20 shipped each
    256mb /100mhz qty 2 $25 shipped each
    256mb /133mhz qty 2 $25 shipped each
    AMD barton 2500+ qty 2 $35 shipped
    Intel celeron 478 1.8Ghz $30 shipped
    Intel 478 2.8 Ghz Hyper Threading $70 shipped

    Pocket PC Phone
    HP Ipaq h6315 Unlocked include sync/charger, 1gb sd card, Leather and aluminum holder, 2 extra batteries. 3 extra sylus, 1 dvd of Pocket PC software, Destinator 3 GPS software installed Ontario maps. No dead pixel/ no scratch on screen. Minor blemish/scratch to the device. Working condition. Info $270 shipped

    ITX Systems
    EPIA 5000 (Fanless) w/ 512 ram and c158 like case 90w PSU. No HD and AC adapter info $150 + shipping
    EPIA-V 1Ghz w/ 512 ram and c158 case No HD and AC adapter Info $170 + shipping
    note: 90w PSU is included in the case but not working

    WYSE Terminals
    Wyse V90 ThinClient w/ 256 ram, 512 Flash Integrated PSU no AC adapter qty 3. One of the three system does not post bios problem. Info
    Paid over $600 each selling for $400 shipped

    New Items added
    Dell P3 motherboard with 512 ram and various CPU from 750-933Mhz $70 shipped
    15 dbi weatherproof hyperlink omni antenna qty 4 $90 shipped
    15 dbi weatherproof hyperlink yagi antenna qty 4 $45 shipped
    23 dbi 4 feet diameter parabolic grid antenna qty 2 this thing is huge dunno about shipping
    500mw hyperlink PoE wifi amplifer $90 shipped

    Stay tune for more updates. I will add more items to the list as I go along.

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      how much for the 6315
      Im a pilot.

      I have become a cross control stall.


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        how much for just eh c158 case with working psu and riser card?


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          "I'm sorry momma. I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to make you cry. But tonight I'm cleanin' out my closet."

          Bump for some good things for sale...

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            I'm not parting things out yet, if at the end no one buys then I might consider.

            All PM replied.

            Thanks Rafters for the bump.