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She saids it crap!!!!!!

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  • She saids it crap!!!!!!

    what's up people ! i going straight 2 the point.
    I was busted by my wifey for harboring electronic crap in our new home
    so i now have to store them in the garage. not gone do it so i'll sell this
    stuff kind cheap in hopes 2 avoid the garage thing !
    and yes i have that much crap that this crap makes it too much crap!

    palm visor and cable 20$
    act-ir200l 12$
    4x20 (tm204ad) printerport wired 20$
    4x20 (tm204ad) wired to basicmicro lcd board 20$
    2x16 (hd44780a00) not wired 5$
    basicmicro isp-pro rev3.0/ps 35$
    also some various reprogramable pic16c57c/jw pic16c54/jw pic12c509/jw
    all of above 5$
    Dell inspiron 3500 battery and powerbrick both 20$ shipped
    amd athlon 900mhz 10$
    2 creative s/card es1373 3$
    sony purple mp3 player (usb jack on charger broken) but it still charges 10$
    sony clie sj25 or 30 (very tender) never could find it but anyway all cables and charger 50$ buck comes with a memory stick also.
    commell itx motherboard 512mb ram/2 p4's 1.6m and 2.8 160$
    harddrive and btw not for sale
    kenwood remote mini system 3$
    moto talk about 12$
    dvd player works good no powerplug 25$
    usb to usb $
    motorola handsfree adapter 6$
    nextel usb data cord 10$
    few thing not pictured but i'll post if needed ! thankyou .
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    Underconstruction for 2007 !!!!

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    commell itx motherboard 512mb ram/2 p4's 1.6m and 2.8 160$

    what model is this?


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      Im also interested in the board + p4's


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        commell 670-lvds socket 478
        Underconstruction for 2007 !!!!


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          Thanks for the info. It looks like a nice mobo but not quite what im lookin for.


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            yo a-day, hit me up on yahoo, i have some requests...
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              ok sir

              will do in stalling yahoo now !
              Underconstruction for 2007 !!!!


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                soundcards gone ! thankyou !
                Underconstruction for 2007 !!!!


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                  Willing to just sell the itx board? If so how much?
                  System always under construction


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                    Sorry sold !
                    Underconstruction for 2007 !!!!